Lectio Divina and Logos

Lectio Divina and Logos

Monsignor Vic Pavis, the fifth principal of Hayes, teacher, mentor, coach, counselor and a true foundation stone in our legacy would often quip, “REL=REL. Religion equals relationships!” At Hayes we try to build relationships with God and with each other. Recently, Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si calls on the global community to foster a deepening relationship with the environment. The following two projects celebrate brotherhood, stewardship and the connectedness of all things.

Lectio Divinais a Latin term meaning “divine reading.” This practice, going back to the Desert Fathers of the early Church, is a form of personal or communal prayer focused on the slow, repetitive reading of a Scripture passage. This spiritual practice aligns with the pedagogical concepts of “close reading of the text” and “evidenced based writing.”   In the words of Saint Jerome, Hayesmen are encouraged to “chew the Scriptures with the teeth of their mind.” The Bible is a Living Word, and by prayerfully reading the Word of God, we come closer to the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ. Each week the Hayes House is presented with a verse of Scripture for Lectio. Lectio divina is designed to increase, respect, self-esteem, brotherhood and empowerment throughout the Hayes Family.
The Logos Project created by Father Terry Ehrman, CSC, of the University of Notre Dame and presented to Hayes Faculty during a McGrath Institute for Science and Religion, is designed to show the relationship between the created world, and Jesus Christ. In the Greek Logos means “word.” Each week the Hayes House is presented with a “word” (some animal, plant, element of nature, or geographic feature) representing some aspect of the living environment. This interdisciplinary tool asks how this “word” is related to Jesus Christ, the Word of God.

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